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Helping Students Be Smart About Higher Education

Students can be smart about picking a career, graduate on time, minimize debt, and have a great college experience. The same foundational concepts that make college a great experience spill over into an inspiring and fully engaging job experience along with a meaningful life.  The way to make this a reality is to:

  • Know where you are going in life.
  • Become the person you were destined to be.
  • Make a difference in the world!

A little secret is students of higher education are not limited teens and twenty somethings. Any age group can make the wise choice to maximize meaning in life. You can do this!

7 Steps to Clarity of Purpose: Happiness and Fulfillment Are Intentional

Are you in the category of persons that have a generic idea of what their purpose is? But does this align with the statement, “If you’re going nowhere, any road will get you there?” Blink your eyes and you can be “wandering in the wilderness” for 40 years if you’re not careful. You can get focused and have clarity of purpose by following 7 simple steps. Be intentional and get on the path to significant living.

Guilt and Shame, Who’s To Blame? Relationship Education And Leadership

Young people are being deceived into thinking that there is no price to pay for having sex with multiple partners, friends with benefits, and finding true love. The media, rock stars and celebrities make it appear that the “eat, drink and be merry” philosophy has no consequences. Sexual risk avoidance involves not only learning about the physical consequences of sex, but the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial elements as well. Based on the REAL Essentials Training curriculum, this presentation gives teens the facts to acquire an understanding that their future is filled with promise when wise choices are made.

Men On A Path Of Purpose

Our society depicts men as bungling idiots, overweight, lazy beer drinkers that have nothing more to do than watch sports. It shouldn’t oughta be that way! Men were meant to slay dragons, protect, lead, be courageous and take on adventure that includes, but is not limited to being: a super husband and dad, a leader at work, a man of integrity, financially successful and spiritually and emotionally grounded. Dan has been leading authentic manhood groups since the turn of the century and inspires men to find purpose and be all they were destined to be!


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