Vision – Purpose – Values


Everyone realizing the thrill of a destiny to fulfill!

Too many people are living in this world thinking they don’t make a difference. The ageless popularity of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” is evidence that people have hope and want to believe that we all have an important role to play on earth. The truth is, everyone can make a difference, but first we have to believe it.



Helping students be smart about higher education.

First, students need to be honest about their internal challenges and face external ones with wisdom and integrity. Next, they need to know even in the face of impossible odds, there is hope to fulfill their purpose in life. Finally, the best life involves giving to and partaking in transcendent causes that make the world a better place. Click Here to connect with some worthy causes supported by Dan that might interest you.


1 Core Values

  •  Purposeful engagement

  •  Responsibility is up to me

  •  Action oriented

  •  Integrity is a priority

  •  Self-efficacy shapes reality



Drivers that motivate me to help students:

DanStandingAlphaDone1PURPOSE: I was clueless as to my purpose and passion while attending Westminster College. I worked hard to only be average and still doubtful what I was to be doing with my life. I excel at bringing clarity for students who are questioning their future.

REGRET: Although the grades weren’t stellar at Westminster, I still ended up with a great chance at a Naval career. With no clear goals or guidance, however, I had an option and made the wrong choice out of fear that nullified many opportunities in the future the Navy would have provided. Everyone has regrets, but helping students minimize the huge ones is what I do.

PASSION: I attended graduate school at Regent University with much clarity and passion and excelled academically. Getting students in touch with what they love will make the college experience life changing. My story of stark contrasts between undergrad and grad schools is a message students need to hear.

DEBT DILEMMA: I was fortunate to have parents that sacrificed and paid my undergraduate tuition while I worked part time. Attending graduate school as a full time student also, I worked half-time and used all of my savings – it was worth it! Unwilling to go into debt, I worked full time and went to school full time for my Ph.D. Stressful, but worth it again! All that to say, I understand the stress and financial challenges of higher education and know how to get students to think out of the box to minimize debt.


Speaker Dr. Dan Mularski guides students to be smart about higher education and live a life that matters.