REV3 Half Triathlon – Building Character, Fulfilling Dreams, And Another Check Off The Bucket List

5 Things I Learned

  Lake Erie doesn’t taste any better than Lake Michigan (at last year’s Chicago Triathlon) Tolstoy: Adversity builds character. John Wooden: Adversity reveals character. Mularski: Adversity builds and reveals character. Some participants’ bodies were not built to get through this race – determination and the willingness to endure of the human spirit once a worthy […]

What’s The Next Check On Your Bucketlist?

Taking the plunge into the Chicago Triathlon

Some things I learned participating in the Olympic distance Chicago Triathlon: 1. Lake Michigan does not taste good. 2. 61 degree water temp is as cold as it sounds 3. The plants growing in Lake Michigan don’t taste good either. 4. I don’t ever want to pay $73 to park again at the Chicago Hilton. […]

Maximizing Meaning at the Matterhorn

Happiness in life is all about getting another point of view. Finding a higher purpose is admittedly easier with good weather and a spectacular view of the Matterhorn, but you don’t have to go far. Where is your place to slow down and think to know where you are going in life? How are you […]

2014 Disney World Marathon Highlights & Inspirational Stories

What is meaningful to you and how are you challenging yourself to grow as a person? See how the Disney World Marathon is a means for real and symbolic victory of the participants. Hear their stories of pushing themselves to reach personal goals, fulfill dreams, and achieve the seemingly unachievable. The journey to this day has been exceptionally tough for some […]